Hello world!

I’ve been meaning to start this up for some time. For one, people keep calling me out on having an empty blog on my website when they Google me, and to that I say, “WHY ARE YOU GOOGLING ME? Just Facebook stalk me like a normal person!” Furthermore, I think I have achieved mediocrity on Twitter (I have more than half as many followers as people I follow, that’s mediocre right?), so it’s time to make the transition from micro-blogging to regular-sized blogging. Also, enough time has passed to have fully healed from the trauma of how embarrassing my Xanga from 10 years ago was. Finally, like any intellectually vain person, I think it’s important for me to establish a public platform to post my thoughts.

What can you expect from this blog? Some of my favorite topics are technology (information tech and biotech, specifically) and culture (of all kinds– ethnic, regional, religious, gender, corporate, school, family, Internet, etc.), so I expect my blog will be primarily concerning those areas. There may also be some more humorous material here and there.

So, anyhow, welcome to my blog! Here’s to hoping I can achieve the same level of success as “Creed Thoughts”: